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The next course will start in November 2022.

For our April 2022 Study Skills Workshop for 3rd & 6th year, please click here.


This 5-week online Study Skills Course will teach students in 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th year how to study effectively in order to maximise their grades and reach their full potential.

Classes will be delivered live through Zoom once a week for 5 weeks.

Each class is approximately 1 hour long and notes and additional resources will be shared with students to support their study journey at home.

For a Study Skills Course for students in 1st and 2nd year, please click here.


Learn How to Study Smarter, Not Harder

Exam preparation is a key focus of this course which is suitable for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year.

Students will be taught how to maximise their study time by developing focus, motivation and good organisational and time-management skills in order to achieve the best grades possible.

Building upon this, students will be taught how to identify their learning preference (visual, auditory or tactile/kinaesthetic) and a range of active studying techniques to support their unique style.

Unlike other study skills courses, this course is uniquely designed to introduce students to a range of evidence-based tools and strategies to help them to cultivate a positive study mindset.

In this way, the skills that students learn on this course will serve them in their educational, personal and future professional lives.


Expert Tutor

AnneMarie Brosnan, BEd, PhD, will deliver this course. With over 10 years experience working in education, at primary, second and third-level, AnneMarie understands that good grades come from a combination of consistency, technique and mindset (read more about her journey here). This integrated approach to study skills development, which combines lessons on motivation with lessons on active studying techniques and strategies to cultivate a positive mindset, is what makes this course so effective.


What Parents & Students Have To Say

“I am more motivated and focused now. I know techniques that work for me.” – student via anonymous feedback survey

“I have improved on note taking and got some great tips on using mindmaps and flash cards to help me study.” – student via anonymous feedback survey

parent feedback on online study skills course


This 5-week course is €125 which includes a range of additional resources, such as study timetable templates and habit formation worksheets to support student’s study journey at home.

This course is free for students of Premier Tuition Centre. Please contact us for a booking code to enrol.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Active Studying Techniques
  • Memory Techniques
  • Organisational Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Exam Preparation
  • Mindset Development
  • Motivation
  • Wellbeing

Course Content

Pre-Course Questionnaire

  • Study Skills Questionnaire

Week 1: Goal Setting

Week 2: Habit Formation

Week 3: Organisation & Time-Management

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  • Internet access
  • A tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Pen and paper


  • 3rd year students
  • 4th year students
  • 5th year students
  • 6th year students