Specialist Dyslexia Tuition

Specialist dyslexia tuition is available to primary school pupils from Senior Infants to 6th Class. 

At the moment, our specialist dyslexia tutor is only available to provide classes at the tuition centre in Castletroy, Limerick.

The Orton-Gillingham Approach

At Premier Tuition Centre, we understand that children with dyslexia can learn how to read, write and spell just as well as everyone else but that they need to be taught in a highly structured, sequential and explicit way. 

As primary school teachers and teacher-educators, we also understand that this kind of approach is often not taught at school because the majority of children learn to read through traditional ways of teaching that simply do not work for children with dyslexia.

From September 2021, we have been implementing a programme which follows the Orton-Gillingham approach into our literacy classes for children with dyslexia. 

This renowned approach is a “direct, explicit, multisensory, structured, sequential, diagnostic, and prescriptive way to teach literacy when reading, writing, and spelling does not come easily to individuals, such as those with¬†dyslexia.”

Personalised Tuition

Specialist dyslexia tuition is personalised to suit each child’s specific learning requirements. However, some of the most common areas of difficulty for children with dyslexia include:

  • Decoding and encoding skills
  • Phonemic segmentation and blending
  • Phonemic / phonological awareness
  • High frequency / sight words
  • Fluency
  • Spelling

Who is the Tutor?

Young girl laughing during a class for specialist dyslexia tuition

Emer is a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher. She has extensive experience teaching children of all ages and abilities in a variety of classroom settings. Emer is a specialist dyslexia tutor, having undergone training with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland and in the Orton-Gillingham approach. Her classes are available at the tuition centre in Castletroy, Limerick. 

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