Maths Tuition for Primary School Pupils

Maths tuition is available to primary school pupils from Senior Infants to 6th Class. Classes are available live online through Zoom or with a private tutor at our tuition centre in Castletroy, Limerick.

Our primary school Maths tutors use a variety of child-centred, activity-based methodologies to make each lesson interactive and engaging. This includes the use of pictures and concrete materials, games, online activities and activities that involve movement. These approaches will not only equip your child with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skill, but it will also develop their confidence thereby reducing maths anxiety. 

Now enrolling for September 2021. Put your name on the waitlist using the form below!

teacher providing maths tuition for primary school pupils
teacher providing maths tuition for primary school pupils

What we Teach

Maths tuition at Premier Tuition Centre is personalised to suit each child’s specific learning requirements. This is facilitated by administering an assessment prior to the commencement of tuition. 

Some of the areas that we commonly focus on include:

  • Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication & division)
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Measures (money, time, weight, length &capacity)
  • Place value
  • Problem solving
  • Mental maths
  • Times tables

Good Maths Tuition is...


Students are taught exactly what they need to know in a clear and straightforward way using concrete materials and resources.


Concepts are taught in a logical, well-planned sequence that builds on a child’s existing understanding.


Lessons are taught using visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic approaches and methodologies.

How will this Benefit my Child?

Mary O'Connell
Mary O'ConnellParent, 2019
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They are getting on great, we are delighted. Best decision we ever made, and I mean that. Killian is a new child, he's super confident, he loves his words now and homework is so fast & easy & no rows. Killian adores Ciara. She gave him a level 3 book to practice at home & he does it every evening.
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth KingParent of online pupil, 2020
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I would highly recommend The Premier Tuition Centre. My daughter attended here for 8 weeks & she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. She done the one to one tuition & she learned so much & seems so much more confident in herself. I will definitely be returning again in the future.
DeborahMother of online pupil, 2021
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I can’t recommend Premier Tuition enough. With schools closed during lockdown and working from home I found it difficult to keep on top of home schooling with my 5 year old. I booked my daughter in for two 30 minute sessions a week. Clare the tutor was fantastic. Plus it gave me peace of mind knowing my daughter was getting that extra bit of help during lockdown.

How do I Enrol?

We are now enrolling for September 2021 – please join the waitlist by completing the form below and we will be in touch when a space becomes available.