Study Skills Workshop

For Junior & Leaving Cert Students

This intensive, online Study Skills Workshop will teach Junior and Leaving Cert students effective techniques, tips, and strategies that they can implement RIGHT NOW in order to achieve the best results they’re capable of achieving. 

The workshop will be delivered over two dates: April 5th (Tuesday) and April 6th (Wednesday) at 6:30pm.

Each class will be approximately 1 hour long.

A student working in front of a computer for the online study skills workshop

Evidenced-Based Tips & Techniques

This workshop is a condensed version of our online Study Skills Course which is typically run over 5 weeks.

It covers the most fundamental study techniques, tips and strategies that students can implement right now in order to make the most effective use of their time during the two-week Easter break and beyond.

The study skills workshop will centre around 3 broad themes:

  1. How to identify & implement good study habits
  2. Organizational & time-management skills
  3. Study techniques

By teaching students a range of evidence-based techniques, tips and strategies, this workshop teaches students how small changes in their routine can make a massive difference to their overall results.


What You'll Get

BONUS: As a special bonus, everyone who signs up to this online Study Skills Workshop gets access to a free desk yoga class on Thursday which is deigned to help students to relax and de-stress after a long day of studying. 

The fee for this workshop is €50. To sign up, please click on the link below.


This workshop is only available to students completing their Junior & Leaving Cert this year as it is predominantly focused on exam preparation.

Our online courses for students in non-exam years will resume in November 2022.

This is a live & interactive class. Students will be expected to have their cameras on and to engage in discussion.