Essential German Grammar Course for Leaving Cert Students

Does German grammar leave you feeling overwhelmed, intimidated or even completely lost? Especially when it comes to the cases and declensions? If so, then this is the course for you.

German grammar is examined in the Angewandte Grammatik section of the Leaving Cert paper which comes right after Reading Text 1. Although the section itself is only worth 6.25%, your grammar is also assessed and embedded in the entire course, specifically in the oral and written sections, and is therefore worth considerably more. 

Mastering the grammar is crucial to doing well. 

Online Summer Course 2022

This summer, we are offering an online German Grammar Course for students about to enter 5th & 6th year. It is divided into two parts. 

Part 1 covers the most fundamental elements of German grammar.

Oftentimes, part of the reason students struggle so much with German grammar is because they are not familiar with the structures in English grammar. That is why this course begins with a section on English grammar for students of German. 

Part 2 covers the remaining structures which are required for the Leaving Cert. 

NOTE: There is no obligation to complete Part 2 and students can sign up for Part 1 only (which is essential). Please view the course outline below.

Live & Recorded Classes

Each part of the course will be delivered over 4 classes during a 2-week period. 

The dates are as follows:

Part 1: June 14th, 16th, 21st & 24th, 2022

Part 2: June 28th & 30th, July 5th & 7th, 2022

Each class will begin at 12:30pm (noon)

Don’t worry if you have already committed to a summer job or holiday – you have the option of receiving a recording of the course instead, along with the accompanying material, in addition to being able to contact the teacher with any questions. 

Comprehensive Notes

After each class, simple explanations of German grammar structures will be provided to each student along with charts and straightforward, tangible examples of each element which you can then use as reference points for your entire Leaving Cert career and beyond.

Tips and shortcuts will also be given to ease the pain of learning the methods of German. 

Course Outline

Part 1 (€100)

Class 1: English grammar for students of German. Nouns and Gender. Personal Pronouns. 

Class 2: The Cases. Definite and Indefinite Articles and Declensions. 

Class 3: Adjective Endings. More on Pronouns. Prepositions. 

Class 4: Verbs, Endings and Tenses. 


Part 2 (€100)

Class 1: Relative Pronouns and Clauses. Reflexive Pronouns. 

Class 2: Question-words. 

Class 3: Conjunctions. 

Class 4: Reflexive Verbs. The Passive Voice. 

Meet The Tutor

A headshot of a teacher named Elaine who is the Maths and German Tutor at Premier Tuition Centre

Elaine is a fully qualified & experienced secondary school Maths and German teacher. She holds an honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College Dublin and a Higher Diploma in Education from University College Dublin.

Elaine has received scholarships from the German government and graduated with a Distinction in Spoken Language from Trinity College. She has lived and worked in Germany for considerable periods of time and continues to spend time there. Her Mathematics background also means that Elaine approaches German grammar in a very logical, step-by-step manner.

Elaine is a registered member of the Teaching Council and also Garda Vetted. She has extensive national and international teaching experience, having taught in Ireland, Germany, Spain, the UAE and South Africa.