Study Smarter, Not Harder

Study Skills Course for Secondary School Students

Students know what to study but they often struggle with how to study. 

At Premier Tuition Centre, our 6-WEEK ACADEMIC FAST-TRACK PROGRAMME takes the guesswork out of studying by teaching students tried and tested study skills that will enable them to increase their grades, boost their confidence and reach their full academic potential. 





The 6-week Academic Fast-Track Programme is delivered live online once a week for 6 weeks. In this course, we teach Leaving Cert students how to become more effective and efficient studiers by focusing on:

Building Healthy Study Habits

One of the fastest ways to change your results is to change your habits. In our study skills course, students will learn how to build healthy study habits that will enable them to develop focus and consistency, discipline and motivation, limiting the time they have to spend at the desk but maximising their productivity.

Time Management & Organization Skills

Developing effective time-management & organizational skills is the foundation to getting good grades. In this section of the course, students will learn how to manage their time more effectively by creating a realistic study timetable and/or study log that suits their schedule. We will also explore the science behind effective time-management, how long to spend in each study session, when to start studying, where to study, and tips, tricks and resources to keep them off their phones while studying. 

Effective Study Techniques

Research has shown that most students study by re-reading and underlining material. But this has been proven to be one of the most ineffective study techniques! This study skills course will teach students a range of study techniques that incorporate visual, auditory and tactile/kinaesthetic approaches that compliment the science of learning. We will also explore a range of free online tools and resources that make subject-specific studying easier and more enjoyable. 

Mindset & Motivation

In this section of the course, students will learn the difference between motivation and discipline and how mindset can play a powerful role in influencing the grades that they achieve. Students will be taught how to set and achieve study goals and develop a positive self-image so that they can not only increase their grades but also grow in confidence and reach their full potential. 

Exam Technique

Exam anxiety is something that many students struggle with. In this section of the study skills course, students will be taught how to navigate the exam process by learning how to work within a designated time-frame, recall important information and stay calm under pressure. Becoming familiar with past exam papers, including subject-specific marking schemes, will assist students with this process.

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Students also get access to:

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1:1 Zoom Call

This pre-course Zoom call will enable the instructor to better understand each students’ unique study goals, ambitions, strengths and challenges in order to tailor the course content accordingly.

Tips for the Leaving Cert Oral Exam

Class Recordings

In order to catch up or revise what was covered in the course, students will get access to the class recordings until the end of the academic year.

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Weekly Check-ins

For support, mentorship and accountability, students will have access to weekly check-in Zoom calls that will allow them to engage with the instructor and their peers until the end of the Leaving Cert.

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Text Support

Got a study question outside of course times? Our instructor offers 9-5 text support Monday-Friday until the end of the Leaving Cert.

Meet the Instructor

An image of AnneMarie Brosnan, the owner of premier tuition centre, sitting at a desk, smiling at the camera while holding a pen

AnneMarie Brosnan, BEd, PhD, is the founder of Premier Tuition Centre. Beginning her career as a primary school teacher, AnneMarie is now a university lecturer in Initial Teacher Education. 

AnneMarie is committed to lifelong learning and in 2023 she completed virtual training at Stanford University which certifies her to deliver Design Your Life programmes to undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

With over 14 years experience working in education, AnneMarie understands that good grades comes from a combination of consistency, technique and mindset. 

This integrated approach to study skills, which has been featured in the October 2022 edition of Education Magazine, has enabled hundreds of students to achieve academic success by increasing their grades, growing in confidence and reaching their full potential. 

Every student has the ability to study, memorise and do well in exams. We just give them the tools, techniques and support to do it.

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