Free Irish Oral Notes

You probably already know this but the Irish oral is worth a whopping 40% for the Leaving Cert exam!!! 

Doing well in this section of the exam is not only crucial to getting a good grade but it can also significantly BOOST a student’s overall grade and get them some much needed points for their desired college course. 

The best part, though, is that putting in the groundwork NOW will help ease the pressure placed upon students when the exams come around because 40% has already been completed! 

PLUS, having the knowledge, skills and understanding to speak Irish well helps students to write Irish well which sets them up for success in the actual exam in June.  

This is why we’re delighted to share some H1-standard notes with you that will help prepare students for the Leaving Cert oral exam. 

Although they’re geared more towards Higher Level students, they can be used by students sitting the Ordinary Level exam too. 

In these notes, students will find sample questions relating to the themes of “family” and “sport.”

The will also receive a range of comprehensive answers to sample questions on the theme of  “school” which includes useful words, phrases and “nathanna cainte” that will give them bonus marks if used correctly during the exam. 

Finally, these notes contain useful phrases that they can use for the “Sraith Pictiúr.” 

And the best part is, they can be downloaded for absolutely FREE! Just click on the button below to download yours.

If you want to get more notes like this while participating in mini mock orals and getting extensive feedback from a top-class tutor, check out our Leaving Cert Irish courses here. 

Our courses will set you up for exam success by ensuring that you have the knowledge, skills AND confidence to perform to the best of your ability during this crucial element of the Leaving Cert exam. 

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