Tips for the Leaving Cert Oral Exam

The Leaving Cert Oral Examinations for 2021 will be held between March 26th and April 15th. A range of procedures have been put in place to ensure that these take place in a safe, Covid-19 compliant environment. If you want to make sure that you ACE these exams, check out our top 6 tips below:

1. Guide the examiner towards your interests. If you don’t have an interest in a particular subject/topic they ask about, always say “I don’t like X but prefer Y”. For example, “I don’t like the cinema but I prefer sport”.

Oral Exam 1

2. Practice speaking the language out loud, either with a friend or in front of the mirror. This is key for developing fluency and confidence as well as your accent and pronunciation.

3. Anticipate possible questions that the examiner could ask and prepare answers for them. Doing this in writing will help to develop your vocabulary and all of this information can be used in the written section also.

4. Revise verb tenses. Know how to respond appropriately to questions asked in the past, present, future and conditional tenses.

5. Don’t respond with one-word answers. If you don’t understand something the examiner says, say it! Learn how to ask the examiner to repeat himself/herself or to rephrase the question.

6. Maintain good communication skills throughout the oral exam. This means keeping eye contact with the examiner, smiling at them when appropriate and thanking them before you leave. Try to treat the situation as a conversation more than an exam.

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