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Free Notes | Irish Irregular Verbs

Learn how to conjugate the 11 Irish irregular verbs easily and effortlessly with these FREE study notes!

Verbs and verb tenses can often be one of the most challenging aspects of language learning but we’ve taken the hard work out of it for you by conjugating the 11 Irish irregular verbs into the¬†past, present and future tenses – the¬†Aimsir Chaite,¬†Aimsir L√°ithreach¬†and¬†Aimsir Fh√°istineach.¬†

This includes:

  1. Abair – To say
  2. Beir  РTo grab
  3. Bí РTo be
  4. Clois – To hear
  5. Déan РTo make / do
  6. Faigh – To get
  7. Feic – To see
  8. Ith – To eat
  9. Tabhair – To give
  10. Tar – To come
  11. Téigh РTo go

For each verb and tense, we’ve also given you the¬†foirm di√ļltach (negative form)¬†and¬†foirm ceisteach (question form) so it’s an¬†excellent resource that will help you to develop your reading, writing, speaking AND listening skills.¬†

While these free Irish notes can be used by any student at any level, they’re¬†particularly useful for those preparing for oral examinations.¬†

How To Use These Notes

The best way to learn “na briathra neamhrialta” or the Irish irregular verbs is to¬†actively use these notes¬†when you’re completing your homework, classwork and assignments.

If you need to write an essay for homework, take this document out and use it to help you conjugate any of the 11 irregular verbs. 

If you’re given an activity to complete in school, take this document out and use this document to help you do it.¬†

Don’t try and guess the correct conjugation!¬†

By using this document regularly, you’re setting yourself up for exam success.¬†

Rather than spending hours trying to “learn off” or memorise the different forms for each tense, using this document regularly will help you to fully understand and internalise the verb tenses and then use it correctly in an exam situation.

And the best part is, by doing this consistently, you don’t even realise that your studying!

Learning these verbs occurs effortlessly as long as you’re committed to completing your homework, classwork or assignment to the best of your ability.¬†

This document is also an excellent resource to help you prepare for the oral examinations. 

Practice asking and answering questions in the past, present and future tenses using the foirm¬†ceisteach¬†and¬†foirm¬†di√ļltach¬†so that you don’t lose valuable marks in the oral exam.

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