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At my online study skills classes, I teach students the following formula for exam success:


Technique + Consistency + Mindset

Usually, students have nailed one of the above elements. When I was preparing for my Leaving Cert, for example, I ensured that I worked consistently in order to achieve the best grades I was capable of achieving. 

When I began my PhD journey, I realised the importance of having a positive study mindset and implementing this into my academic career dramatically changed my outcomes. 

As I tell my students, at my viva voce examination, I receive a mode A which is the highest award you can get – I even surprised myself but I know now it’s because I applied the formula above.

Now, my mission is to share the same techniques with secondary school students so that they can experience similar results. 

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Online Study Skills Course

Starting February 8th, I will be delivering a 4-week online study skills course for second level students that will teach them how to achieve exam success.

This includes teaching them:

✅ Active studying techniques that suits their particular learning style
✅ How to develop focus and motivation
✅ Time-management skills
✅ Organisational skills
✅ Techniques to develop a positive mindset

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I have developed two online study skills courses:

1. For students in 1st & 2nd year
2. For students in 3rd-6th year

The reason for this is not to overwhelm younger students with techniques on exam preparation which are specific to the Junior and Leaving Cert. 

Instead, these students will learn tools and strategies that will help them to develop a firm foundation in studying so that they hit the ground running when they start 3rd year.

Students in 3rd-6th year will learn all of the same strategies but more content will be directed towards exam preparation.

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