Boy and teacher taking Junior and Leaving Cert German Grinds for the German Oral

There are just 4 weeks to go to the German Oral so our Leaving Cert Maths and German teacher, Elaine, has very kindly shared her top tips for building confidence and fluency. 

Remember: When preparing for the oral exam, for any language, it’s important that you spend sufficient time actually speaking the language as opposed to simply taking notes or learning new words or phrases. 

This is the key to success in the oral exam. 

Our Top Tips for the German Oral

1. Speak German as much as possible over the next few weeks in preparation for the oral exam. 

2. Talk with a friend or talk aloud to yourself (the shower can be a great place for this!)

3. Try talking to yourself in the mirror so that you can see your facial expressions. This will allow you to speak more naturally on the day of the exam. 

4. Record yourself speaking on your phone and listen back. This will help you to memorise key words and phrases that you want to use in the actual exam.
5. Pick a theme, set a timer and talk about it for one minute. This will build confidence and fluency. 

Oral Preparation Classes

The oral is worth 20% of the entire marks for Ordinary Level and 25% for Higher Level so it’s well worth putting in the extra effort now!

Elaine is running Oral Preparation classes for Higher Level Leaving Cert German students every Monday.

These classes are delivered live online through Zoom and each group contains a maximum of 5 students per class to allow Elaine to provide individualised feedback and support.

We also offer oral preparation classes in Spanish & Irish so if you’re interested in learning more, simply email [email protected]

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