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Maths revision is often neglected when it comes to preparing for the Junior Cert, Leaving Cert or any other exam for that matter. Very often, students mistakenly think that they can’t revise Maths or that an hourly grind once a week will be enough to get them through. While this may work for some, it’s really important that Maths is not only revised but that you give yourself plenty of time to do it.

This is because Maths is not something that you can cram for, although we’d never recommend doing that anyway. It’s a skill that needs to be practised and with practice, you can improve! So, if you’ve been struggling with your Maths revision, check out these tried and tested tips to help get you back on track.

1.         EXAM PAPERS

It goes without saying but practising past exam papers is one of the best ways that you can prepare for a Maths exam. Begin by attempting specific questions and once your proficiency improves, you can attempt an entire paper in one sitting. Doing this will give you a feel for what it will be like on exam-day, help you to become familiar with the layout and improve your time-management.


There’s no point in practicing past exam papers if you’re not going to check your answers! The marking schemes for Maths are really detailed and not only do they provide the correct answers but they also provide step-by-step solutions. This means that you can see exactly where you went wrong (if you went wrong), self-correct, and apply this new knowledge to the next similar question.

3.         YOUTUBE

Watching YouTube videos is a great way to revise any topic, but they are particularly useful for practicing a range of different Maths skills and concepts. If you come across a particularly tricky problem while practicing past papers or completing your homework, search for it on YouTube and there will more than likely be a variety of different examples for you to choose and to learn from.

4.         HOMEWORK

We’ve said it before, but it’s really important to put 100% into your Maths homework each evening. Completing homework is just as good as, if not better than, independent studying and it has the added bonus of being corrected by your teacher so, if done wisely, it’s a great way to get important feedback. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing, make an attempt, because we all know how valuable attempt marks are!


Best of luck with your Maths revision!

We offer a range of one-to-one and small group Maths grinds (2-4 students) to students from First Year to Leaving Cert. These small class sizes enable us to personalise the classes to suit your individual requirements. We teach what you need to learn! All of our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and committed to ensuring that you reach your full potential.
If you’re interested in booking in, get in touch with your year and level and we’ll send you on the days and times that are available. 


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