Primary School Tuition

Primary school pupils are assessed prior to commencing tuition. The purpose of this is to:

  1. Help you to understand how your child is performing in a specific subject.
  2. Help us to develop aĀ personalised programmeof tuitionĀ that meets your childā€™s specific learning requirements.
  3. Enable us to place the pupil in the appropriate group, if enrolling for small group tuition.

At the end of every 16-week programme, students are re-assessed in order to ensure that the learning targets have been achieved and a Progress Report is provided to parents.

Please note that academic assessments are currently only available in English and Maths.

Standalone Assessments

Academic assessments are also available to pupils and parents who do not want to commit to a programme of tuition.

Using a combination of standardised and diagnostic tests, the assessment will identify your childā€™s strengths and weaknesses in a certain subject area, how they are performing in relation to their peers and whether or not they would benefit from extra tuition.

A written report is provided to parents approximately one week after the assessment occurs. This will give a breakdown of the results, acknowledge areas of strength and weakness and possible recommendations. Based upon the results of the assessment, we will make one of the following recommendations:

  1. If the child scores within theĀ below averageĀ ability range, we will recommend extra tuition.
  2. If the child scores within theĀ above averageĀ ability range, we will not recommend extra tuition, unless the parents/guardians would like us to develop a programme that challenges and extends the pupilā€™s learning.
  3. If the child scores within theĀ average abilityĀ range, the decision to enrol for tuition is left to the parents/guardians.


If enrolling your child for tuition, the administration of an academic assessment is free and it usually occurs on the first day of class.

If you would like to book your child in for an academic assessment without committing to a programme of tuition, the following fees apply:

  • 1 subject: ā‚¬50.00
  • 2 subjects: ā‚¬80.00