Intensive Online Chemistry Course

Our next Organic Chemistry Leaving Cert Course will be held in November 2022.

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Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is one of those topics that Leaving Cert students need to know. This is because there are at least 3 Organic Chemistry questions in the Leaving Cert exam every year. 

Having a thorough understanding of Organic Chemistry means that students could potentially achieve 150/300 marks on their Leaving Cert paper!

Girl taking organic chemistry leaving cert crash course

H-1 Standard Notes

This 4-week course will cover everything Leaving Cert Chemistry students need to know about Organic Chemistry in order to achieve exam success. This includes:

✅ Fuels and Heats of Reaction

✅ Hydrogen and Thermochemistry

✅ Some Families of Organic Compounds

✅ Types of Reactions in Organic Chemistry 

Students will also get access to a 40-page document of Denise’s gold-standard notes which include worked solutions (with explanations) of previous exam paper questions, schemes, mnemonics and tables. 

Expert Tutor

Denise tutors Junior Cert Science, Leaving Cert Biology and Leaving Cert Chemistry students at Premier Tuition Centre. Her classes are available live online through Zoom or at our tuition centre in Castletroy, Limerick. Denise has an honours degree in Biological, Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences from University College Dublin and she is currently studying Graduate Entry Medicine (GME) at the University of Limerick. Denise is a self-proclaimed Science fanatic and has taught students from 1st year to Leaving Cert at all levels. Denise is Garda vetted and available for 1:1 and small group grinds live online through Zoom or at our tuition centre in Castletroy, Limerick.

Live & On-Demand Classes

Classes will be delivered live online through Zoom every week. 

Each class is approximately 1 hour long. 

To support student learning and accessibility, classes are recorded and recordings are shared with students via a virtual classroom environment.

FEE: €100 for the 4-week course which includes a 40-page document of gold-standard notes and recordings of each class. 


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