Desk Yoga for Stressed Out Students


Secondary school students are under enormous pressure these days so it’s important that they learn how to implement mindful practices into their daily routines as much as possible.

Desk Yoga is one of the ways that students can achieve this which is why we’ve introduced this 4-week online course aimed specifically at stressed-out students who want to learn how to unwind and destress in order to maintain their energy and productivity.

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Desk Yoga Course Content

This 4-week course will cover the following practices:

  1. Basic desk yoga poses; body scan to unwind after studying and before sleep.
  2. Desk yoga for wrists and fingers; affirmations for exam success.
  3. Off the chair yoga; calming breathwork.
  4. Yoga for eye strain; exam success meditation.

Classes will be delivered by our excellent Leaving Cert Maths tutor Elaine who has been studying yoga for over 15 years. Each class will be 30-40 minutes long.

This course is open to all secondary school students from 1st year to Leaving Certificate.

While students in exam years are particularly stressed-out due to the impending exams, this course will be of significant benefit to students in non-exam years because it will equip them with valuable tools and the techniques that they can use to manage stress levels when the time comes for them to sit the Junior and/or Leaving Cert.

If you want to learn more about the positive effects of mindfulness on student attainment (as well as their wellbeing), check out our recent article on the benefits of meditation for students and this post on the effective use of study affirmations. 

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