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Welcome to the latest blog post on our French Classes for Kids programme.

In this exciting programme, that has been running for the past 2 years, students are taught by a highly qualified French teacher. Please read our past blog posts to find out more about the class, the benefits of your child learning French at such a young age and the feedback given by parents regarding their son/daughter’s experience.

Exploring the theme of Halloween, French for Kids, 2018.
Exploring the theme of Halloween, French for Kids, 2018.

In every lesson, students will use a scrapbook that will be provided to them upon enrollment. Each week, students will add to their scrapbook and build upon their learning. Differentiated learning will also take place to ensure that all age levels are catered for equally within class.

Each lesson is action-based where students will engage in activities and role plays to reinforce the language they have been taught in class. Vocabulary is an essential element of language learning but so is pronunciation. Each lesson therefore links these two elements of learning.

Students will also learn about French culture and compare it to our culture here in Ireland throughout the 12 weeks.

Language learning has fantastic cognitive benefits as it shapes the way we think. We’re more creative as language learners and our critical thinking skills improve, key skills needed in the modern working world.  Students also find it so much easier to learn additional languages once they have had exposure at a young age.

Enrol today at the following link before places fill up: https://www.premiertuition.ie/french

NOTE: If you have already signed up for the classes, you will find an overview of the upcoming 2019 programme on the parents’ portal. If you did not receive an email with the login details, please contact us and we’ll be happy to forward them on.

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