AnneMarie Brosnan, shortlisted for businesswoman of the year award 2023, standing at the awards ceremony

Businesswoman of the Year Award

A huge congratulations is owed to our very own AnneMarie Brosnan, founder of Premier Tuition Centre, for being shortlisted for the Network Ireland Limerick Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2023. 

AnneMarie, BEd, PhD, founded Premier Tuition Centre in 2016 shortly after taking ownership of the Fountain of Knowledge Learning Centre in Castletroy, Limerick.

As a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher, AnneMarie has taken the tuition centre from strength to strength since 2016, navigating the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic by introducing a range of online classes and courses for both primary and secondary school students. 

During this time, AnneMarie provided tutors at Premier Tuition Centre with the opportunity to upskill in the area of dyslexia tuition and Emer, our head primary school tutor, underwent specialist dyslexia training in the renowned Orton-Gillingham approach (which you can read more about here). 

Premier Tuition Centre is now one of the leading institutions in the provision of specialist dyslexia tuition for primary school pupils. 👏

AnneMarie Brosnan showing her award for businesswoman of the year award 2023 at the network ireland businesswoman of the year awards ceremony

Currently working as university lecturer in Initial Teacher Education, one of AnneMarie’s areas of expertise is in the field of study skills.

Recognising that every student, regardless of their ability or the grades they’re currently achieving, has deep reservoirs of potential locked within them, AnneMarie runs a range of online and in-person Study Skills Courses & Workshops for Junior and Leaving Cert students throughout the academic year.

On these courses, AnneMarie teaches students the skills necessary to become more effective and efficient studiers which range from practical organisational and time-management skills to active studying techniques.

Understanding the significance of mindset in achieving good grades, AnneMarie also helps students to set and achieve study goals, understand the difference between motivation and discipline and develop a positive self-image. 

Congratulations, AnneMarie on this fantastic achievement and very well done to all the wonderful women who took part in the awards ceremony this year.

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